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Our Veterinarians

Staff 1 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Dr. Sally Sifferlin graduated from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. After graduating she returned home to practice at Sifferlin Animal Clinic. She is the sole owner and operator of the practice, and also the Pet Center, a boarding and grooming facility. Previously she has served as a board member of the Ohio Animal Health Foundation. She donates her time and her practice to the Tuscarawas Humane Society by providing spaying and neutering for dogs.
Dr. Sifferlin enjoys all aspects of Veterinary Medicine, she thoroughly enjoys working with her dedicated team members. Being able to practice in her home town with her loyal clients and their pets is her greatest reward professionally.

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Dr. Neal Caldwell is a graduate from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Previously he was a co-owner and operator of a Veterinary Hospital in Coshocton, Ohio. Dr. Caldwell has been published multiple times and has participated in clinical trial work. He has provided veterinary services worldwide in places such as Mongolia and Honduras. In 2006 and 2007, Dr. Caldwell was the Interim Director of the Veterinary Technology Program at Kent State University, Tuscarawas Campus. In 2012, he worked for the United Nations in Africa.
Since 2007, Dr. Caldwell has practiced Veterinary Medicine here at Sifferlin Animal Clinic, but during the winter months he practices in New Zealand. He brings to us his diversity, wealth of knowledge, and experience.

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Dr. Evanne M. Thompson received a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from OSU in 1999. She also is a 2004 graduate from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. She previously was a large animal veterinarian at Three Rivers Veterinary Hospital and practiced as an Emergency Veterinarian at Green Animal Medical Center.
Dr. Thompson currently practices as an Emergency Veterinarian at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Mentor, Ohio. She has been practicing Veterinary Medicine here at Sifferlin Animal Clinic since 2007. Dr. Thompson's knowledge of critical animal emergency care and her ability to multitask is a great asset for our practice.

Staff Members

Staff 4 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Cathy Smith is our "do everything with a smile" receptionist, she joined Sifferlin Animal Clinic in 1994. Prior to 1994 she worked for 7 years at a Veterinary Practice in Navarre, Ohio. Cathy is usually the first and last person you talk to at our clinic, she is our liason to the public.
She is a huge asset to our clinic because of her dedication to our clients, her friendly personality, her depth of experience, and her steadfast ability to be a team player. When asked what she likes the most about her work, she says, "it is the pleasant work atmosphere and the comradery of the practice." Our clinic would not be the same without Cathy.

Staff 5 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Melanie Johnson received an Associates Degree in Applied Science from Columbus State Community College in 1995. She is a registered Veterinary Technician. She practiced as a Veterinary Technician for 2 years in Columbus, Ohio before joining Sifferlin Animal Clinic in 1997. Mel is our primary Surgical and Dental Technician. She is also the primary caretaker of our hospitalized patients. Mel feels the most important part of her job is client communication, and on a daily basis she strives to fulfill that task. Mel's talent for accuracy, her dedication and hard work at the the clinic, and her loyalty to our clients make her an integral part of Sifferlin Animal Clinic.

Staff 6 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Kellie Feik received an Associate Degree in Applied Science from Columbus State Community College in 1990. She is a Registered Veterinary Technician and joined Sifferlin Animal Clinic in 1990. Kellie works primarily as a Surgical and Dental Technician. Her loyalty to the clinic and dedication to our clients is priceless. Kellie has placed many homeless pets in great homes throughout the years, making many families quite happy. She thoroughly enjoys working with our patients and forming bonds with our clients and for that we are eternally grateful.

Staff 7 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Jen Nign has been at Sifferlin Animal Clinic since 2006. She works as a Veterinary Receptionist and Assistant. She loves sporting dogs and spends as much of her time with them as possible. Jen is very people oriented and enjoys meeting and getting to know our clients. Jen finds the diversity of the clinic exciting. Being part of a working team is a great reward for her.

Staff 8 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Nicole Grasselli has been with Sifferlin Animal Clinic since 2007. She is a Veterinary Assistant and is pursuing a degree as a Veterinarian Technician. She began working at the clinic through an internship program. The best part of Nicole's job is knowing that she is making a difference in the health and welfare of our patients. Being part of the team at the clinic and learning something new everyday is why she loves her job.

Staff 9 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Katie Seiple works as a Veterinary Assistant at Sifferlin Animal Clinic, she has been here since 2006. Katie earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology at Kent State University. She is currently studying Veterinary Medicine at Ross University.

Staff 10 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Kayla Matsel is the newest member of our team. She is a Veterinary Assistant and started working here in 2012.

Staff 11 | Sifferlin Animal Clinic Inc.

Rose is our team mascot. She came to the clinic in 2000 when she was 1-year-old. She enjoys all her visitors at the clinic and on her good days will even make an effort to greet you. Thanks for all the attention you clients give her.